Pioneer VFX was founded on July 29th, 2015 and is focused on providing high quality products and services. Pioneer VFX is a small business specializing in matchmoving, motion graphics, and visual effects for film, television, and web. Dana Dillavou is certified in Adobe After Effects CS5.
Services Include:
✔️Motion Graphics
✔️Visual Effects

✔️ Matchmoving is quite complex if you get down to the programmable surface of how it works. It involves importing footage into your matchmoving application and calculating or solving the movement of the camera used in the shot. Why do you need to know the movement of the camera? To simplify this answer, CGI, or computer-generated imagery can't be inserted into a shot without knowing the camera movement. With no camera data, your 2D or 3D elements will need to be rotoscoped or animated frame by frame to fit them into a scene. Pioneer VFX uses SynthEyes as the main choice of software to solve this issue.
 ✔️ Motion Graphics are a great way to present your business, brand, product or service. It is a combination of animated 2D or 3D graphics and text with other forms of media showing a great deal of movement with regards to the graphics position, scale, and rotation. Today, motion graphics are used in ads, commercials, films, television, and web. Utilizing motion graphics is one of the best ways to captivate an audience and bring interest to prospective customers.
 ✔️ Visual Effects is the creation of various elements that you can't shoot through the lens of a camera. For example, you film on a day with perfectly beautiful weather, but need it to be turned into a stormy day topped with rain, lightning, and thunder. This is where visual effects comes in. The sky is replaced with a cloudy sky through the use of photography or computer generated. The rain and flashes of lightning are created to make the scene look dreary and sets the mood of the shot. Was it possible to get this on a beautifully weathered day? Well, it is possible through the use of special effects to get the rain and flashes of lightning, but may be faster to create it digitally. The sky replacement is an understatement and needs to be replaced if the sky was completely blue. The alternative is to wait for the perfect weather to get the shot. Visual Effects are used today in commercials, film, and television. It is used to create the impossible making actors look like they are on another planet or flying through the air dodging airplanes or even racing through fiery, burning explosions. Visual Effects are created during post production, which is what takes place after all the filming is completed.
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